Perge Aspendos Side And Kursunlu Waterfall Tour From Antalya



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Antalya Aspendos- Side-Perge-Kurşunlu waterfall tour is a historical tour, visiting ancient cities, the very well preserved Roman theatre of Aspendos, and marvelous waterfall.

Aspendos is a world-famous Roman theatre. The design was made in the year 155 A.D. by a Greek architect called Zenon, who lived in the city of Aspendos. They claim, that it was built under Marcus Aurelius (161-180), meaning 2nd century A.D. It is richly decorated, really worth a visit. Today it is still used for the annual opera and ballet festival, usually taking place in September every year. It is famous for ıt’s fabulous acoustics.


Side, the antic city. It used to be the biggest slave trade center in the Mediterranean. There used to live 30.000 people in the 3rd century A.D. and today you find half of that city still in ruins. Most of the ruins you see today are built by the Romans, except the museum near the theatre. That used to be a bathhouse, built in the 5th century. The theatre of Side is unique on the outside. All the other theatres were built against the natural slope of a hill. There was no hill in Side. They had to build it with arches. On the outside, there were 14 shops and 5 entrances. It is the only theatre with elephant legs in the world.


Perge still has a very well preserved stadion, right outside the entrance gate of the antic city. Look at all the details in the stones. Remember they only had hammer and chisel. They sure understood the art of sculpting. Really fascinating. Perge antic city still has some very interesting ruins to explore. Follow our guide.


The Kurşunlu waterfall is about 20 meters high and launches ıt’s water into a lake with large fishes. It lies in a beautiful park. Nice and cool in hot summer days. Do not miss this Aspendos- Side-Perge-Kurşunlu waterfall day tour from Antalya, in which we combine history and nature. 




We’ll pick you up from your hotel between 08:00-08:30 Am.


. The Itinerary:


To start Belek Perge Aspendos Side Tour perfectly, we will pick you up from your hotel in the morning by our fully-equipped and comfortable vehicle.

Then, we will take roads to the Ancient City of Perge, the first stop of our route.

During the ride, you will have a good time thanks to our professional guides!


We will arrive to Perge which reflects the characteristics of Late Classical, Hellenistic and dominantly, Roman Imperial period.

You will also see the reflections of Bronze Age.

Moreover, this city is believed to be established after the Trojan War, thus, it has a cultural importance.

No worries: You will learn the whole story in there!


After exploring Perge, we will visit Aspendos, the ancient city that famous for its theatre.

Also, because of its location (near the trade ways) it was an important place in Roman era. Not only in ancient eras but also now, it holds its importance very well.

We will take a walk here and learn things that will expand our cultural accumulation. Then, we will visit a local restaurant to have a delicious lunch.


Next, we will visit Side.

The Ancient City of Side is quite beautiful and well-preserved.

We will see city walls, city gate, colonnaded streets, houses, Ancient Theater, Dionysus Temple, basilica, harbor bath, the temple of Apollo, the temple of Athena, State Agora, Baptistery, columns and marbles… Every details of this historical site will charm you.

Moreover, you will be feasting your eyes through the sea view, too!

Last Stop of Belek Perge Aspendos Side Tour: Kursunlu Waterfall

At the end of Belek Perge Aspendos Side Tour, we will visit a wonder of nature: Kursunlu Waterfall.

Pours from 18-kilometer height, this waterfall’s impressing view and lovely rattles will charm you. You will find the peace and delight when observing it. Also, it will offer you amaing photos –so, we will wait for you to take amazing shots!

When our trip is over, we’ll go back to Belek and take you to your hotel.


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